Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Red Swimsuit

Now, I know most of you are thinking, "Why is the Diva even thinking about swimsuits? It's barely February, and it just snowed for a week in Oklahoma." Yes, it's February and yes, it's freezing cold here. But I have set a goal for myself: I have to fit into my red swimsuit.
It's got a cutout the size of Texas in the back and a hint of scandal. (Okay... not really. But I think a red swimsuit is pretty daring, no?)
I had actually decided in October 2009 to lose weight, not to look good, but to be healthier. I was at an excessive 202 pounds. I have lost 12 pounds by attending WeightWatchers meetings with my mom and exercising. Now, I must say that losing 12 pounds is wonderful. I'm very happy with that, but it will not get me into my red swimsuit by June. However, losing weight is a long term goal, and if I get too caught up in the "here and now", I might miss the point of this whole ordeal, and that's to be healthier. Because if I'm healthy, I'll live longer, and thus, have many more summers to wear that daring red swimsuit. I have started back writing on this blog because I need accountability. I may start posting some of my running workouts that I have completed, and the blog may become a little weight-loss obsessed for a while. But, I promise that it will all be in true "Diva" style!

P.S. I realize that I have not posted anything in a year, and I am so sorry about that. I became extremely busy, and I let the blog slip. I will try to do better.

P.P.S. I may post a pic of what I look like in the swimsuit, as of right now, in a later post so y'all can see how far I have to go.