Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trying to Change the World

I went with my family last Sunday to see Swing Vote. I was impressed. Expecting it to be a comedy, I was pleasantly surprised by how deep it was.

The plot revolves around "Bud" Johnson, who wanders through life with no purpose. He has a job at the egg-packing company, but has taken 31 sick days. He's an alcoholic, and he's a loser.

Molly, his intelligent and sassy daughter, registers him as an Independent so he can vote in the upcoming election. Bud is less than pleased. However, he promises her that he will meet her at the voting station after work. But, after getting fired, he makes a trip to the local bar, thus forgetting Molly.

Molly takes matters into her own hands and attempts to vote for her father. While she is preparing to vote, the machine is unplugged by the cleaning lady, and her "father's" vote is not counted. This where all the trouble starts. Bud is contacted by local officials the day after. He has to re-vote or a new president will not be elected. The fate of the free world rests in the hands of a single man. A ton of hilarious acts ensue as Bud tries to determine who he wants to vote for. Bribes are made, parties flip-flop and lives are changed. Bud, in the end, makes the decision that made me proud to be an American.

I strongly suggest that you take the time to watch this movie. It has no agendas, no "right" or "left" position, but it makes you think. "Never again let it be said that one's vote doesn't count," states a reporter in the movie. True. Kevin Costner makes Bud an endearing loser. But, Madeline Carroll, the little girl who plays Molly, is the one who stole the show. Watch the movie just to see her. She's fabulous.

I tend to steer away from political movies made in Hollywood. They are usually biased and unfair. But, this movie is different. It makes you want to believe in the integrity of people and politics once again. Swing Vote is truly awesome and it brings a wonderful message along with it: You can make a difference.

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CurtissAnn said...

Thanks, Miss Diva, for another great review. I'm coming to rely on you. Probably I won't get to the theatre, but I can look for the movie on DVD. :) Did I tell you that I finally read Rules of the Road. It was everything you said.

Miss CA